How to Convert Eudora Emails into eM Clients?

To convert Eudora emails to eM clients, you should use a professional solution named Eudora Converter Software. This software is very easy to use and there is no size restriction. The graphical interface of this software is also very easy to use and has been designed keeping in mind the non-technical user. This software is also available in the demo version, in which you can convert 25 emails starting from all folders.


Eudora stores messages in mbox files. (mbx)
Usually there is one for each folder.

You can import these directly in eM Client using Menu > File > Import > Mailboxes (.mbox).

Yhis do not able for me and do not work on my eudora v7
mbx is not same as mbox so info is not good is bad



lunes 23 enero 2023 :: 1018hrs (UTC +0100)

Ich stimme zu, dass es auch nicht mit der letzten Version v9.2.1222 funktioniert

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