How to configure so Exchange email delivered to Local Folder

A client uses a hosted Exchange service where they have different sized accounts and there are free mailboxes but which are only 100Mb in size.  Rather than buying Outlook for these users I wanted to use emClient.  I want to configure the software so that new emails are stored locally rather than on the server.  How can I have new emails moved to a local folder by eM Client automatically when the program is opened and/or running.

I also need to be able to have Sent Items stored locally rather than on the server.  Can this be configured in the software?

I know that this kind of defeats the object of Exchange but it so that users who do not send/receive a great deal of email can use email successfully without being restricted by the small mailbox size.

The Local Folders will then be included in the companies cloud Backup - which is something that again causes a problem with Outlook as the ‘personal’ edition of the cloud backup service the company uses does not allow PST file backup.  Another advantage of eM Client? 

Hi Alan, you should be able to enable POP3 connections for your Exchange server, however note that this kind of setup will not allow you to keep your email synchronized with the server and you will not be able to use the features of your Exchange account. POP3 connection only downloads newly received email to your server without synchronizing the flags.

Hope this helps,