How to completely uninstall, remove files, and reinstall

How can i completely uninstall, remove all files, and reinstall?

I recommend  using Revo Uninstaller to totally remove

Uninstalling the software is easy using the windows Program uninstall.  BUt the files are hidden and one needs to do the following to find them.  You may want to run the emclient backup feature just to be safe in case you need them back.
Using the following to locate everything before you uninstall the program .

1   Assuming windows 10  Go to Control Panel and find  " File Explorer Options "
2   Select  “VIEW”  at top of screen and look for   " SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS"  and click it.
3   Now using Normal explorer look at this folder   C:\users\Your_pc_Id\AppData\Roaming\Em Client
4  Here is where they live  if you have not changed its location .
5  Now erase the entire folder.  and all will be gone.
After you verify that you found them all then uninstall first then remove the folder in that order
I would reboot to make sure everything is clean  then reinstall and start over
Hope this helps

Richard, On May 1st we changed email servers and this is when all my folders disappeared and I really need to get them back. I am using the free version. I have posted several times on emClient about this and have yet to get any responses from anyone, getting frustrated with emClient about the no responses. I was hoping that maybe you could  help or direct me in the right direction to where I could get help.
Thanks in advance.
Wayne Callicoatte

Under the terms of the Free License agreement, there is no support available from eM Client. Users of the Free License can post their questions on this forum where other users may assist in solving the problem. But I did not see any questions from you Wayne, except for the one you just posted. Was it maybe under a different name?

When you say you changed servers, does that mean you are using a different email address? How was your previous account setup in eM Client, IMAP, Exchange or POP3?

Thanks for the reply.
Email address remained the same:
Previous account setup the same as now.

There is also the \appdata\local\eM Client\ folder, which is the avatar cache. Revo should remove this as well as the database if you do a post uninstall scan.

Often if there is a problem with the application, it is not necessary to uninstall. Just close eM Client and remove the database directory that Richard mentioned in 3 above. When you restart, it will be with a new database, so all data, settings etc will have been removed.

OK, so the server where your email account is hosted has changed.

Most likely you were using IMAP, so the messages were stored on the server. Unless the data was moved from the old to the new server, then you will not be able to recover any of the messages. Do you maybe have a recent eM Client backup?

Thanks Gary,
Don’t have a backup that I know of, looks like they are gone.

Your first question was to uninstall everything.  If I knew you lost something I would not have told you to erase everything .     Hopefully you have not erased anything yet.       Before you give up.  Check the Archive folder on emclient if it exist .  Check the Backup feature just to be sure there was none. 
Menu / Tools /Mail / Auto Archive
Menu /Tools / General / Backups
See if the administrator of your email server has any backups or will allow you to get the data from the old server   

Thanks Richard and Gary,
I deleted the em_client folder. When I restarted the program, I had to re-enter my email accounts. The new folder is much smaller than the old one. Also, it seems like the data for each account is in a separate folder now. I seem to not be experiencing the lag and crashes … so far. I’ll mark this question answered.

Please read the emclient backup feature   and maybe the archive feature as by default they are off