How to clone by eM Client desktop to a eM Client laptop

I have been using eM Client on my Windows 10 desktop for a year or so. Recently I acquired a Windows 10 laptop that I will put on the workbench in my garage. I plan to use the
laptop for exactly the same things as I use my desktop - word processing, YouTube, listing to the “radio”, e-mail, etc.
I have eM Client licensed on my desktop in the house, and have eM Client installed on the laptop in the garage.
Is it possible to configure the laptop (garage) so that it is a carbon copy of the desktop?
In other words, can I check my incoming e-mails in the garage AND in the house, and can I send e-mails from both, using only my current e-mail account/address? In addition, I use
the calendar and address book/contacts quite a bit and would like to use either/both computers to access them.
Thanks for your assistance.

Yes, this can be done if the email account is setup as IMAP or Exchange. That means that the data will be stored on the server, and synced with the computer, or any number of devices. If you mark a message as read in the garage, it will also be marked as read on any other device or application that connects to the same email account.

The same can be done with calendars and contacts.

Some email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. will automatically be setup like this.

Who is your email provider Chuck?

Comcast (

Googling around Comcast IMAP settings are:

Incoming Mail Server Name:
Incoming Mail Server Port 993 with SSL ON

Outgoing Mail Server Name:
Outgoing Mail Server Port 587 (SMTP)
SSL Encryption: checked

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