How to clear the cache

Sometimes things don’t work, and I make adjustments, perhaps to my firewall. Then I’d like to see if the images begin appearing in my email. But nothing changes. Can I force the email to re-read the content from the server?

what I’ve tried, which seems to have worked, was I did a forward as original to myself. Then the images appeared in both the newly arrived email and also the old one where they had not appeared before.

Does this really work, and is there a better way?

Generally if i want to clear the email folder / label cache, i would run the repair option.

Most IMAP mail accounts when you “Right click / Properties” on the Acct Inbox or any Sub folder underneath, have the “Repair” tab then available at the top.

If you have Gmail, the “Repair” tab is available by clicking “All Mail / Properties”.


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Really, all I want to do is force eMclient to go back to the server and download everything for a single email. The email and all linked images. Just re-load the email. If it isn’t displaying properly, perhaps reloading it, not from the internal cache be from the server, will solve the issue or at least allow us to test a possible solution.