How to clear 7.1 data in favor of older version

I am very appreciative of eM Client. I recently downloaded the new version, but there seems to be a compatibility issue with my Win10 Lenovo T440s laptop in that, coming out of sleep mode, eM hangs, and then my whole system hangs, requiring a reboot. Because I didn’t have that issue with the previous version, I uninstalled 7.1 and ran setup for the previous version. The install program wouldn’t continue, however, because the data had migrated to a new format.

I don’t need to preserve the old data, as eM is mirroring my online account via IMAP. How can I clear out the existing eM data in order to install the older version? Thanks.

After uninstalling the new version, delete (or rename) the c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client directory (note:  directory is hidden, so make sure you turn on hidden items in windows explorer).  When you install the older version, it will create a new, blank database.

Thank you very much.