How to check on Read Reciepts

Hi all, I am currently selecting read receipts when I send email.
How can I check if the recipient has read the mail, is there a folder or flag which denotes this?

Many thanks

Hello Robert,

When somebody gets an e-mail that you sent with a request for ‘Read receipts’, they will be asked upon opening it whether they’d like to send the receipt or not. If they select ‘Yes’, you will get a receipt through e-mail. If they select ‘No’, you will unfortunately not get any message. Something that would inform you whether the recipient has opened the message/clicked on any links is called email tracking and eM Client doesn’t provide it.


Related question: if my default setting is DO NOT request receipts, if I enable this for selected emails, can I see this status pending in my sent email somewhere (in other email apps I can)?  I.e. can I check if I set up the confirmation request.  I understand from Maurice reply above, I will never see anything particularly saying not read, but I want to be sure that in some cases, I asked!  Thanks 


Unfortunately, you can’t see it in the mail view. In this case I would recommend using either the flag feature or category but it still takes at least one mouse-click.