How to check is my email actually sent

I sometimes add myself as BCC to emails to remind me that I’ve something to do. Now I have two such emails, one a copy of the other (which started life in drafts), sent to new recipients, but are they really sent??? It’s using a gmail email.

The EMC outbox shows them. But nothing appeared in my inbox as copies. Gmail webmail sent items shows them as sent, so I think it’s ok. But why haven’t they arrived with me? Other emails sent in this way appear fine putting something in my inbox.

Is there anything else I can check, such as in the email header??? In this case, I can’t just ring the recipients to check, as I don’t know how else to get in touch!


Not 100% sure what you are looking for but in this case it is likely to be to do with how gmail deals with a message or bcc sent to yourself.
When you hit that send key you can never be sure that it is going to be received at the other end. But our experience is that in just about every case it is received and if it isn’t it wends its way back as undelivered.
My solution to this uncertainty is that many years ago I created a gmail account that is dedicated to just receiving a bcc of every email sent from all of my 15 or so accounts so that at any time I can refer to this gmail account to verify that the mail has arrived at its bcc destination and by inference to the To: recipient as well.
Delving into the long headers of a sent email will not tell you anything extra that the short headers already show. The header info is added as it passes from server to server along the delivery path.

Thanks, interesting idea with the extra account for sendings! I really just wanted to know why on occasions my BCC process does not work, especially since Gmail doesn’t give any feedback / messages about glitches - it seems it doesn’t work 100% of the time…In the meantime one of my two emails got a reply from the recipient hence so far 50% success only in this small sample!