How to check if a read receipt has been sent

How can I see if a read receipt has been sent to the sender of the email?

Can’t see that there was a reply to this question? I’d like to know too?

After clicking on the submenu whilst creating one email I think I enabled this, but then as I wasn’t sure, did I click it off again. Very hard to find any sign (e.g. via the menus, or the built in help) of whether it’s on or off. Needs to be clearer doesn’t it?

If the recipient acknowledged your request for a read receipt, and their server sent it, then you will receive an email to say it has been read.

But there is no easy way to see if you requested it, other than viewing the message header of the sent message, where there will be a field called Disposition-Notification-To. This field is not in messages where you didn’t request a read receipt.

Thanks. Can see that field, so that helps.

I also looked up the read receipts functionality for what is in this example a gmail email - apparently their online help says that nevertheless read receipt functionality won’t work in this case…

Request or return a read receipt
This feature is only available if you use Gmail for work or school set up by an [administrator]. If you use a account, read receipts won’t work.

Yeah, some webmail interfaces and apps don’t display the request so the recipient won’t even know you requested one.

But even where it is supported, it is an unreliable standard because the recipient may just ignore your request.