How to change trash name

Is there a way to name the trash folder something else like Wastebasket? Trash is sort of disgusting and I would like to rename it. I did go to the properties and try, but it didn’t work.

Sorry MaryLou - I haven’t come across a way to rename the “trash” folder in eMC.

Maybe you should request it as a special feature for those of particularly sensitive disposition!

Suggestions -

Thanks! I will do that. I really dislike calling it trash because that word defines so many unsavory things. I only put things in my trash that don’t go into the recycle bin or the disposal.

Good luck. If your happy with that maybe you can edit the post title to include “[Resolved]” :+1: :mask:

Well, it really hasn’t been resolved and won’t be until I get a definitive answer one way or the other.

As far as i am aware users have never been able to rename the primary mailbox folder names. I suspect the problem is that eg: if users started renaming them, they wouldn’t then sync with the ISP primary folders. Unless EM Client could give users the ability to rename primary folders like a eg: Shortcut name and still keep the real folder name underneath to match the ISP end.

I think from the advice given the definitive answer is “NO” - you can’t,