How to change the reply-to address in eM Client

I read it can be done but where it says to go to does not exist Menu>Message>Reply to address option Am i missing something

Thank You Steve

Try this… in v9:

New mail tool bar > click down-arrow at right-end > select “reply to addresss”

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Yes, it is either Menu > Message > Reply to address:


Or as @sunriseal says from the toolbar:

I need it to happen automatically As I do not send them manually when a email comes in it is forwarded to one of my techs as i have it looking at the credit card number on that email and want him to return to a different address

Mines does not have that feature

Are you sure you are on version 9?

Yes version 9 but i have a free one would that make a difference

@Gary, I do not see it either in Menu > Message > Reply to address.

Pro > current v9.1361.0

It is a feature we had also in version 8, but I can’t remember if the menu was the same, though it probably was. Anyhow, in version 9 it is as in my screenshot. It is not a Pro feature so it will be there regardless of the license type you have activated.

If you don’t see it, please start a new message, then click on Menu > Message as in my screenshot.
Send me a screenshot of how this looks for you.

Or maybe you are clicking on Menu in the main UI. This is Menu in the new message window.

“Reply to address” appears in new email MENU > MESSAGE

What I am trying to do is when a email comes in I have a filter that send it to the person who credit card was used . When they get it and hit replay that is goes to a different email address