How to change standard Calendar?


Everytime I make an appointment, I need to manually set the calender to my preferred calendar.
It’s mostly the same (9 out of 10). I can’t seem to find where to find to change the standard calendar for events?

Would love to see some support!

Cheers, Chris

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Good question! I also would like to know how a standard calendar can be set.

Simply click on a Calendar folder. That will become the default until you click on a different folder.


Wow. It is/was that simple indeed. Never every thought of this.
And I’m a rather experienced computer user… shame #haha

Is there any chance to implement a feature which allows to select a default calendar? Whenever I restart the eM Client, the first (sub-)calendar is selected automatically, also for adding a new appointment.
It is quite annoying to click and select again and again the calendar I would like to use as default.

Selected calendar remains selected after restarting the computer. (Just tested.)

I finally found the settings to set a default calendar: Account settings - CalDAV. At the bottom a default folder can be chosen.:slight_smile: