How to Change Sound for Email Notification

How do I change the sound for the email notification? I have used many email programs and never heard one like this. Sounds like bad news is coming by email.

Menu/Tools/Settings/General/Notifications should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Thanks but I don’t know what to do when I get there. I found new wav files in the sounds file in Windows on my pc but don’t know how to get them into em Client.

Click on the box with an arrow to the extreme right of the item you want to change and it will bring up an “open” file box. Navigate to where your windows file is and select.

I really appreciate your help. I’m sure this would work but just don’t think I am up to the task. The wav files i have I can only access through sounds in the Windows control panel. I do not see a folder where they are kept so I am unable to maneuver to them. Thanks. I will continue to try and figure it out… :slight_smile:

I’m running Windows 10 and my Windows Sounds appear to be in:

yours may be different of course.

If you wanted to use the Windows Email notification sound (for example) you could try doing a search for the file name: “Windows Notify Email.wav” and see where it’s located on your computer.  Good Luck :slight_smile:

Well the search turned up no results. Wanted to use what is on my computer because I know the files are safe but I’m not going to be able to do that. Do you happen to know a site where it is safe to download wav files? I need a file that I can locate for this to work and I’m lost without a location I can easily access. If not I will learn to live with the default depressing sound. Or turn it off completely. Can’t imagine why it was chosen for the arrival of emails.

Again, you have been really helpful and I appreciate it. Thank you.

Which version of Windows are you using? It would seem that most version of Windows have a range of sound files in C:_Windows_\Media. 

I am using Windows 10. You are right - there are several suitable wav files listed there. Later I will try to use one. Will let you know!

Chris thank you so much! I was able to change the email notification sound but only because of the help you gave me. I really appreciate your help.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Glad that worked and sorry that my search programme led us up the wrong path regarding the location of the files.

Hey Chris T, I have that problem except when I choose a diff.  .wav file. the default sound comes on…  The “APPLY” BUTTON is greyed out so I can’t  apply a different sound.  Any suggestions?