how to change my e-mail address from yahoo to google

Today I installed eM Client and set my e-mail address as one with yahoo.  This did not work, and I now think that I really do not want to use the yahoo account.  I would like to change this e-mail address to a google one.  How do I do this?  I uninstalled eM Client because I could get nothing to work.  When I reinstall it, what setting do you think would be appropriate.  I have the free account, and I want to use it with my Windows 7 computer.

Hello Patricia,
if you have a Gmail account you just need to use the automatic setup for this account.
It might be better to set both of these accounts in eM Client (additional accounts can be added in Tools>Accounts window) and copy your past messages to the new Gmail account, if you wish to keep them there.
You can copy whole folders by holding CTRL and dragging the folder to the other account, or click on one message in a folder, press CTRL+A to select all, and just copy the messages.

I would also suggest going to your yahoo webmail (access it through internet browser) and setting a forwarding rule to your new address, so you will get your messages if someone contacts you at the old address.