How to change installation location

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I am trying to use your email client. But when I try to install the program , can I change the installation location ? is it only install to C disk? I don’t want the C drive to take up a lot of space

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I don’t know you can change the installation location. However if you can someone will update this.

eM Client “program itself” doesn’t take much space at all on the C Drive. Its only the database itself which can vary in size depending on how much email you have. The program is approx 300mb.

So once you have installed eM Client, you can “change the database storage location”. eg: Using eM Client for Windows, click “Menu / Settings / General / Storage” and you can then change the directory / folder for the database to eg: D, E etc.

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I want to know that if my emails are storage in the database directory I set ?


As far as I know, everything is stored in the database directory that you set. Emails (if you’ve opted to download them to your computer), contacts, etc. There’s 200-300 files in the database directory.

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You could install the program on C: drive, move it to (let’s say) D: and then make a symbolic link on C:

C:\Program Files (x86)>mklink /d "eM Client" D:\NewLocation
symbolic link created for eM Client <<===>> D:\NewLocation

Just an idea. Might not be worth it. As @cyberzork mentioned, the program doesn’t take too much space. Also, some programs don’t play well with symbolic links.

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solved …

jueves 10 junio 2021 :: 1609hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @summer0209

The easy answer is yes, however, you need to know what you are doing.
First you need to be able to open setup.msi in order to edit the install routine, if you either don’t know how to do this or know what I mean - forget it!
If you are still with me, email me direct and persuade me to tell you how to do it.
I have absolutely nothing for eMC installed on C:/ and here’s how I have eMC installed:
(E:) Program Files ->
eM Client ->
#_Data … cs da de Dictionaries …etc
#Attach# … Sub-folders by Type of File / Client Name / etc
#Backup# … 7 Backup Files timed for 1900hrs daily (quantity modified from 5)
#Calendar# … All ICS files
#Themes# … Non standard Themes
eM Client … Database #1 (main that has everything, includes #2, #3, #4)
… Database #2 (Holding Company)
… Database #3 (Legal UK)
… Database #4 (Legal Spain)


¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


Sym links work, but is it necessary for a 350MB folder?

If you are struggling to find 350MB on your C: drive, you probably have much bigger problems. :upside_down_face:


@Gary, I say no, not worth it, drives are cheap these days (I have 4 in my computer) but hey :slight_smile:

SSD are getting cheaper but their lifespan is shorter than HDD.
250GB SSD run my OS, 4TB CMR Drive hold most of my software installed, backup, photo, and some docs.

Planned a NAS/Server this is an other project but this is more expensive to than I expected to replace Google Cloud for 3 Users and like 8 devices to back up.