How to change IMAP Folder



Can I ask what you mean by “change IMAP Folder” exactly? And under what email service provider.

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Original Folders for Imap Account

I have installed the german Version of eM Client, so the program create automatic

  • Gesendete Objekte
  • Gelöschte Objekte
  • Entwürfe
  • Junk-E-Mail

When i write an email it will be move in Gesendete Objekte and not in the Imap folder Sent.
The same is with drafts, spam and trash.

Hopefully you can understand my problem and my english.

Yes, I do understand your explanation.

Go to Tools - Accounts - your account - IMAP tab and cancel “Automatically detect special folder names”

before this right click on original folders and select properties, there will be line called “server location” copy whole address and paste it into proper folder line in previous step.

this should help you solve your issue.

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Thanks a lot!

you’re much welcome :slight_smile:

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