How to change account from POP3 to IMAP?

Overnight my new email stopped. I have been told the settings on pc and phone should both be IMAP but laptop is POP3. How can I change this? OR is there another reason my emails would fail to be received? I have looked in ‘Account’ but it does not seem to allow the setting to be changed?

Can you share any error messages you are seeing including any errors in Menu > Operations tabs?

Who is your mail host?
eM Client version?

No error messages or any other indication of anything wrong? Plusnet could not help as they have NO knowledge of eM Client! Changing to IMAP was the only help they could give?

Your host handles POP. Here are their settings… check them against the eMC setup you indicate you had been using successfully…

After re-reading your original post perhaps your “problem” is that you are reading your email via your phone and thus when PC tries to download NEW mail there is nothing new available. If that is the case then IMAP may be the solution.

Many thanks for information. I will follow up and post outcome…out of the blue and not as a result of anything I have done emails started to arrive??? tbc