How to cc/copy sent email address automatically for every sent mails

Hi, i really love this email client, i was using thunderbird and now decided to swith to em client but i feel one important feature i was using in thunderbird is missing in this or i cannot figure out how to do. I want to add cc email addresses automatically when I compose a new mail. (I us to cc all my sent mails to my boss) this feature is available in thunderbird under Copies and Folders -> when sending messages, automatically:  cc these email address.

How can i use this in em client ? Thanks :) 


Go to Menu-Tools-Accounts and click on the account you want to use, on the bottom there is a bcc address field.


Hi David,

Thanks for the reply, i am using version 6.0 and that option is not available. apart from bcc i wan to cc 

The bcc option is a new feature in V7 that isn’t available in V6, however we will consider the cc option as a feature request.


Yes please this is a most wanted feature and used by many, without this feature i cannot use em :frowning: