How to cancel/unsend a delayed-send email?

If I set Em Client to “Send in 5 minutes”, and then 2 minutes later I realize there was a mistake in the email and I want to cancel sending it, how do I do that?

I looked in Drafts and Sent folders, nothing there. I looked in the “Operations” window, nothing there. Where is this email hiding before being sent to the mail server?

The message is stored in the Local Folder Outbox.
If Local Folders aren’t visible, select Menu > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

If you decide you want to send it now, go to the Outbox and double-click on the message.
Click the down-arrow next to the Send at … option and untick Send Later.
Click on Send.

Unchecking “send later” doesn’t work – it will still get sent as you’re editing the email! Duh!

It should certainly NOT send the email while you have it open! This is pretty poor design/experience.

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