how to book rooms in a new meeting?

Hi. We are using Google Mail as our mailbrowser on work. I don’t like it so I’m using Em Client and I’m loving it. The only problem is when I’m creating a new appointment/meeting, when I want to book a meetingroom. I’m not able to find the meetingroom. In Gmail, all the rooms are set as global resources.

Any ideas on how this could be done?

Hi, could you tell me what do you mean? eM Client does not offer anything simillar to this, or maybe yes but I have understood something completely different than you have meant.


I have the same problem over here.

I want to book rooms in eM Client, like I’m doing with Google Calendar.
There is an example:

How can I do that?

Hi Alexandre, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client it is not possible to book meetings/rooms or resources using a gmail account in eM Client.


I’ve been desiring this as well and just did a little playing around to see if this is possible. It is, but it is not simple/easy by any means. Here is what I discovered.

I looked at an existing meeting in my calendar that had a meeting room scheduled for it. In eM Client, I went to calendar view and double clicked on the appointment to see it. It lists all of the attendees including the meeting room itself. Upon moving my mouse cursor to hover over the meeting room, eM Client showed me the email address for the meeting room itself. What you have to do is grab that email address and add it as a new contact in your contacts. I added it with the same name as the name as the room and the email address that eM Client revealed to me. You can get the email address copied to your clipboard by clicking the “Schedule” button in the eM Client “Event” dialog box to see the Free/Busy schedule, and then just click on the meeting room name and in 1 second or so (you may have to click on the letters) the cursor will be blinking on the meeting room’s (attendee’s) name and you can then right-click on it and “Copy Address”.

Once you have that address you can paste it into the new contact you create for the room. Now, when I go to create an event/meeting, I can simply add that room (contact) to my meeting and it even shows me it’s schedule in the Free/Busy schedule. The time consuming part will be getting every meeting room added, however, I’m just adding them individually as I need them. You could probably create a “junk” appointment yourself, way in the future in Google Calendar and add all the rooms you want in that one appointment and then do this process on that appointment and get all of your meeting rooms added to your contacts in one fell swoop if you wanted. Then you could just delete this appointment.

Our organization uses GSuite, so I’m hoping that won’t make any difference in this process, but I suppose it could. Anyway, I wanted to share this as I love eM Client, and was disappointed to find out that we could not add meeting room resources to our GMail appointments. Well, now you can and hopefully this is helpful to someone else!