How to block email trackers?

When I used web-based Gmail there was an extension called Gmelius which, amongst many other things, blocks email trackers. I can’t see anything in EMC to block email trackers. Can it be done or is there an add-on that can do that?

Privacy settings to block unsafe content is meant for this purpose.

Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy

Thanks, Gary. I read up about unsafe content and it seems to be focused on images and included/attached apps. When I looked at the Whitelist is appears to be populated by senders of emails I have manually allowed to download image content.

The Gmelius description of an email tracker is: _…without your consent, many companies (and people) track the emails they send you? This allows them to know when, where, and how often you read their messages. _That sort of thing doesn’t appear to me to be covered by the EMC description of unsafe content.

Yes, a link to an external image is a common way for trackers to work. The image can be just a single pixel, so you won’t even see it. Both Gmelius and eM Client protect you from this kind of external content by not loading it.

From the eM Client Help file:
These settings are present in the application in order to prevent you from external threat. For example when an email contains external images or another external content, the sender is informed about successful delivery and reading of the email simply by your downloading.

Thanks again.

I have recently discovered that when you reply to or forward a message that has blocked content, the privacy settings no longer apply and all external content is loaded. So be careful that you don’t accidentally click one of those options.