how to block email addresses?

how to block email addresses?

Hi B.J., to blacklist some email addresses or domains click on the “Move to Junk” button while having the messages from these recipients selected in your mail list.
After using this option, you should be prompted to either move the email to the junk folder, or moving the message and blacklisting the domain/email address.

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I have done that but still get 40 - 50 unsolicited emails daily from these jerks.  I have them black listed, but the email still comes through to the Junk folder.  Can’t I just block them so the emails never show up, or are permanently auto deleted?

Hi Kim, eM Client does not include any advanced junk filtering features as this is usually a server side feature that allows your mail service provider to filter out the junk before it’s delivered to your mailbox.

Some unsolicited mail senders may be using various techniques to avoid being blocked by the recipient, using different email addresses etc. Please make sure to setup a server side junk filter in order to filter out junk mail in your mailbox.