How to backup mail to MailStore Home?

I have been using eM Client for a few months now, and I feel that I need to have an archive of my email so that I can access old mail from any machine (I use 2 separate laptops). I came across a program called MailStore Home.

I am having an issue figuring out how to backup mail (which I have in local folders) from eM Client to MailStore Home. If anyone would be kind enough to walk me through it, I would be very grateful. Also, if this is not the best email archiving solution for eM Client, and another might work better, please let me know.

Hello Kimenyi, In case you wish to use MailStore, you can export your data menu> file> export - and then export all your files in eml file (from eM client). Afterward, navigate to MailStore and on a start page > archive Email and then create your archive navigating to your original eml file. Hope this helps. Best regards, Robert