How to back up emails

What files do I need to back up to my cloud backup service? Having trouble finding where the emails are written to. Also would like to back up address books.


you can backup by File - Backup and data will be in your Documents - eM Client folder. Or you can choose it in Tools - Settings - General - Backup

you can also use File - Export and export only what you need and there you can choose folder.


I have a batch file to currently backup our outlook pst files every night. What do I need to backup with when using this eM Client ?

You can find which files to backup for eM Client in a few threads here.

Look for example here:…

Hi, if you need to backup emails only then use File - Export… - Export to .eml files.


This would really be a pain to go to every machine here and do this. Can’t I just copy them at night from each machine in a batch file ?