How to back-up data from eM Client?

How to back-up my data from eM Client?

You can export your emails to .eml files which can be imported back into eM Client or many other mail clients such as Thunderbird. Alternatively you may also back up eM Client’s data files which contains all the data stored in eM Client.

To export your emails to .eml files, Click File -> Export in the main menu and following window appears:

Choose the Export to .eml files option and click Next.

Check all the items you want to export from your eM Client and click Next.

You can change the default location to save the exported .eml files by clicking the Browse button and select the desired destination directory. Click Finish to finish exporting your email contents.

Backing up eM Client data files

You may wish to back up eM Client’s data files, that include all the emails, calendar events, contacts, tasks and configurations. However, these data files can only be restored in eM Client.

You can find the data files in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ if you are using Vista or newer versions of Windows; or C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\eM Client\ if you are using XP or older versions of Windows.

Which files, specifically, would I need to copy in order to have a safe backup?
This is a pretty big question, imho. With Outlook, I know that the .pst file is my Holy Grail – lose that, and I’m sunk. That’s why I backup that file, daily. Couldn’t you build a Backup function into eM pretty easily? Just click a menu item, and have all necessary files copied (not moved) to the directory of my choosing?

I’m like Bruce, I have .pst files dated back from 2000. Believe me or not, I sometime need to refer to old conversations. It’s great piece of mind to know I can always open these files as needed with only a couple of mouse-clicks.

I also archive on my IMAP server, but that’s limited to e-mail messages.

Easy archiving is a pretty big deal.