How to automatically check all folders for new mail?

I have set up a Gmail account which has several rules applied (in Gmail interface) so some of my email isn’t coming to Inbox, but directly to some folder. However eM Client (version 6) only lets me know of new email in Inbox folder automatically, how can I set it up to check all folders? (or check just folder All Mail instead of Inbox, because it contains everything)

Hi, All Mail is Gmail folder for archived emails, it should not be used instead of Inbox which is folder for new emails, anyway emails goes to that folder only after it has been archived or moved by rules.

Folders like sent are not synchronized from other devices? Do you use IMAP protocol?


Thank you for the reply, I use IMAP and all folders are synchronized, but only if I open them in em Client. Only Inbox is synchronized automatically (so I see unread mail there pop up). Anyway, I will have to modify my rules, so the mail remains in Inbox even after it has been moved to appropriate folder.


you are welcome.


Same problem. I was looking for an email client with comparable capabilities of an outlook, but only he can correctly synchronize folders from the mail server.

eM Client should sync all folders from the server. An exception is if the folders are configured on the server to not be available in IMAP.

So on IMAP servers, eM Client will sync the Inbox in real-time. That means as soon as the message arrives on the server, you will see it in your Inbox in eM Client. All other folders will appear with three tiny dots next to them in your folder tree, indicating that they have new content, but it is not yet synced. These folders are synced on the schedule that you specify in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization. If you change that value, you don’t want it too low, as that affects syncing of calendars and contacts as well. You could end up in an infinite sync if you set it to 1 minute on a slow connection.

On some servers, all folders are synced in real-time. That is my observation.

Gmail is different - of course!! Gmail actually only has one folder - All Mail. Any “folders” you see like Inbox, Sent, etc. are virtual and are created from the labels that are assigned to the message over at Google. In eM Client, the All Mail folder will be synced in real-time, so all “folders” are also synced in real-time.

If this is not what you are seeing Alexander, can you identify which email provider you are using.