How to automactich Attachment file


I’m using version 7. How can I setup to automatic download attachment file when I received new email. Because when I click to save or open attachment, need wait 20~60s to download the attachment. Too long to wait then easy to forgot. Issue happen with all type of network: strong Wifi or 4G network also same.

Please help!~

Unless it was different in V7 I believe attachments should be downloaded automatically. The easiest way to check this is to click "menu/file/work offline) and try to open a new email attachment in your inbox.

How big are these attachments? If they are huge files you can expect delays but 20-60s does seem a bit too long.

What OS are you using?
Are there any error logs generated (menu/operations/errors)?

  1. Attachement file from 100kB ~ 2MB
    If 1 or 2MB then too long~~~ waiting
  2. I using Windowns 10 Pro
    No error log, just wait too much time.
    I want that if receive mail then also download attachment to my PC then I just need open, no need wait.

One more thing, when try open attachment then eMClient will trying to download its to open. at that time I cannot do anything more with eMClient, must wait attachment file downloaded then openned before can do other thing

OK - I seem to recall Imap protocol doesn’t automatically download attachments which is I assume what you have set up for your mail server.

What mail service are you using? i.e Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook?
Has this problem always been that way or has it just suddenly appeared?
Please send a screen-shot of your account setup (Menu/accounts/Imap & SMTP)
Have you tried running a speed test against your PC

I using Exchange Web Service mail by company serve, not public mail server.

My PC speedtest

Your system upload/download speed is great - that’s not the problem I think.

When do you first start experiencing the problem of downloading attachments?

Also, try running Malware bytes against your PC and try downloading attachments after disabling any antivirus software you have installed.