How to attach a pdf to a contact?

The title says it all. IT seems that there is an option to it. I do not care if the attachment can not be synced to the provider (Google).
Which contact provider does actually allow pdf attachments?
Also, would the PDF attachment in EMC be searchable?

martes 11 abril 2023 :: 1058hrs (UTC +0100)

1,/ I am not certain I completely understand “contact provider”.
2./ If you mean an email attachment, as far as I know, all do.
3./ I do not use Google/Gmail under any circumstances so I can not comment on that.
4./ If you do mean to “Contacts” eMC does & permits attachment additions to a Contact.
5./ If you need to know about other providers please make your own research - I do not know.
6./ Ability to “Search” is the individual PDF file dependant - some do some don’t, I just checked in eMC.
7./ I can provide screenshots, however, they are in Spanish - any use to you?

If this is not the information you want, I regret I can not help you without more specific information, perhaps someone else on the Forum can.

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