How to always sync IMAP folders and subfolders?

OK so I use hotmail as a server and I have a subfolder in the inbox which only syncs when I click on it this is the same with Junk folder. Is there an option to always sync these folders so I know how many emails I have in them ?

The Inbox is the only folder that syncs in real-time with the server.

Other folders, but not all of them, will sync on the schedule set in Menu > Settings > General > General > Synchronization. You don’t want to set this too low as it could cause other issues because it also applies to calendars and contacts, and you don’t want to be in a continuous loop. 10 minutes is the recommended time. For folders that don’t follow this sync interval, like Junk, you can change a setting to cache all folders, and then they will sync on the interval. You find that setting in Menu > Accounts then in the IMAP tab for the account. Scroll down to Sync Options, and select both, then click on Save & Close.

Folders other than the Inbox will also sync immediately you click on them.


The cache offline works but this is not safe downloading spam. I don’t see the reason why we can’t have the messages header just to download. This is something broken in this email client and I can’t download spam “with attachments” to my local hard drive this is beyond ludachris. Thank you for the info if you fix this I will pay for this as it is now it’s dangerous.

You can have just the message headers loaded. For that, go to Menu > Accounts then the IMAP tab for the account. Scroll down to Sync Options and UNTICK both options. Then click on Save & Close.

When messages arrive, only the header is retrieved from the server. As soon as you click on the message to open it, the contents will be retrieved.

The Junk folder will not even retrieve headers unless you click on it.

The problem is if I untick those two then my inbox subfolder stops syncing aswell… this is major oversight in my opinion you should be able to choose which folder you want to sync and how.