how to add or copy old mail from "mail_data.dat" to archive

how to upload an old “mail_data.dat”-file into the archive of em client.
My PC broke down half a year ago. In the meantime I used Linux. Now I bought a new one. I imported the mails from the linux-machine into em client, but I would also like to have my old em client emails back. I found the old “mail_data.dat” file. If I just copy the file I guess that my new emails will be gone. I want the old mails to be added to the archive. Does anybody know how to? Thanks.

Hi, this action is not supported, you can try to copy this file into your new database but it will most likely result in broken database.


I don’t want to loose my recent mails. I just want to be able to read the old ones from my old computer. So simply copying seems not the sollution. Is there a possibility to copy them to the archive or local mails directory? Then the copying will not interfere with my current mails.
Thanks for replying.