How to add / manage labels to new gmail messages that will then be uploaded to gmail web interface from within the EM client?

As title says, I would like to be able to add labels to my e-mails from within the client that will then be syncronized with my labels online. I know the labels are downloaded from the web interface and I can sort my pre-labeled messages this way, but I need a way to continue adding labels to new messages.

Hi Brian, unfortunately we’re not completely supporting the gmail’s labeling system at the moment, not yet.
So it is not possible to create new labels from eM Client, currently labels are setup as folders when downloading from Gmail, so you can only create a new folder for sorting out emails instead.

Hope this is not causing any trouble and that you can manage to use the current setting.

Thank you,

Ok thanks for the reply. It appears that if I use the “Copy to Folder” selection that functions similarly to a label, and I believe it does sync this back up to my gmail cloud. There does not appear to be a way to remove the “Inbox” label from within the client though.

Are there plans to more smoothly support the labels feature in upcoming versions?

Hi again Brian, labels and folders are essentially the same thing, just the functionality is a little bit different.
You can not remove the Inbox folder, that is quite essential for your email functionality.

Better label support for Gmail accounts is a planned feature, however it’s still not set when any improvements may be released.

Thank you for understanding,