How to add local folder?

Hi! i need to know how to add a local folder. because I have Thunderbird local files. so I need to add to the eM client. i tried several times but could not find a way to do that. Please make a suggestion for that.

You can add any other account “email messages with file attachments” to Local Folders in eM Client at the bottom left “from either another email account already in eM Client” or “from another email account outside of eM Client”.

Go to “Menu / Settings / General" (PC) or eM Client / Preferences / General" (Mac) and tick the box “Show Local Folders”. Then Save & Close.

You can then just either drag, copy or move messages into the current eM Client local folders wherever you like, or alt create a custom folder to put messages with files in. To create your own folder, right click on the word Local Folder, or right click on the Local Folders Inbox and name it.