How to add contacts?

I have clicked on the “+NEW” button top left while on the “CONTACTS” tab. A window pops up with a card to enter all info. All I am interested in entering in my contacts list are the email addresses. So I enter the name, skip down to email and enter that and hit “SAVE” on the bottom right of the card. The card goes away, as if the entry was accepted. NOTHING HAPPENS!! There is NO contacts list. I put 15 names and addresses so far and decided to stop and see if I had to restart em client or something. Nope. Nothing is there. There is a big empty field that says, “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed” 

Never mind , I guess. Just found the damned list under “MENU/TOOLS/CONTACTS (Ctrl+B)” Pretty stupid if you ask me. Why is there even a “CONTACTS” tab on the left column?!?

There is a contacts tab. If, for whatever reason, it is not visible, right-click on one of the others and tick Contacts.