How to Add a Html signature a email ?

How to Add a Html signature a email ?
i have been trying to add a signature the is in Html and I keep the the Signature
with the HTML code and text text that i want to display only
this is what I am trying to use as a signature.

Ohayo Mountain Travel Service llc
If you can think it, We can make it happen
39 Glenview Drive
Glenford, New York 12433

845-657-1898 Fax 845-657-0328

I have used this Html Signature with Thunderbird and one or two other E-Mail Clients. I have found eM client has features in the calendar that want and need so
I am going to use eM Client for the email and calendar
And when I go to write a e-mail message ever thing above ends up on the page as the signature.
What am I doing wrong

Thank in advance for any help you can give

When editing a signature use the option Insert HTML, it should help.

I don’t see this option. All my signatures were set-up before the upgrade and I know I used an external html but now I don’t see the setting. There is the editing box and insert image from harddrive and when I put the url of my image it works for a bit and then breaks again.

Can you tell me exactly where the option to insert HTML is located?

Actually I just found it here:…

Not very intuitive but it works.

Is a signature in your e-mail corresopndence what you’d call an eSignature? Or is that different?

I have already replied to your question here:…

Thank you for the link Irene I was going crazy looking for the HTML mode