How to access gmail (POP3) after activating Google's 2 factor login?

I have activated Google’s 2 factor authorization.
Now em Clint’s POP3 access to my gmail doesn’t work any longer, because the second factor (e.g. authentificator code) is expexted.

Unfortunately you can’t.

If you want to use POP3, you need to disable 2fA and re-enable less secure apps.

  1. A solution maybe here: Sign in with App Passwords - Gmail Help

  2. Another possibility: connect to your google account with double authentication and check the box which allows you to exclude this double authantification on the device used (see end of the procedure).

If you enable 2FA, less secure apps is disabled.
You need less secure apps enabled to connect with POP3.

2FA also requires the account to be setup with oAuth. oAuth is not available for POP3.