How te create a rule to 'mark as read'

I would like to create a rule to mark a message as read when moved to a specific folder.
I now delete messages straight from my inbox (without reading them) and they still appear read in the ‘trash’ folder.

Hello Michel, I’m not completely sure what you have in mind, would you like to mark the message as read when you move the message to the Trash folder?
Unfortunately it is not possible to process a rule when you manually move a message to another folder, Rules are processed automatically on messages that are received to your inbox and no other folder.

You can however create a rule that you can process manually on one of your folders, to apply a rule manually, right click the folder and select “Apply Rule”, select the rule you want to process and confirm.

Hope this helps.

OK, I refrase the question then. :slight_smile:

I would like to option to have email that is ‘deleted’ and ends up in ‘trash’ automatically marked as read. A trashcan should not have a ‘read/unread’ status (in my opinion).

Hello Michel, as I suggested this is unfortunately not possible, Rules can only be applied manually or to your Inbox only - e.g. newly received unread mail.
You should however be able to setup the server to remove your messages automatically after X days.

Please note that email communication works on certain protocol and generally mail communication standards, which doesn’t specify anything like there should be no unread status for deleted messages, removed items can be read/unread just as well as any other email in your subfolders.

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul,
I strongly vote to add this feature that all e-mails in trash and spam folder are marked read automatically. I have this seen in other e-mail clients and this is very convinient, because you will not get distracted when a folder claims “unread” messages which in fact have been moved to get _outsight_ the attention zone! :slight_smile:

Best regards