How quickly are flaws reported by paying users typically resolved?

I am aware that paying users have ‘VIP support’ with within-48-hour response times. Historically, when paying users have reported real bugs or design flaws in eM Client, how long have the typically taken to be resolved?

I know this is quite a broad question, but I would like a fairly accurate answer. This is important, because eM Client is currently buggy, and I have seen that some significant issues have been unresolved for years. The 12-months of ‘free’ upgrades probably wouldn’t be of too much value if moderate-to-major problems are not resolved within that time frame.

Real bugs are fixed almost immediately but it takes a while to test the updated version and release it officially. If someone needs a quick solution we send him our internal fixed version.
Resolving of other flaws depends on their priority.

I am an enterprise user and have two computers with the life-time licensing. I have switched my entire company’s operations for messaging, calendaring, and tasks to the software. Also, I have integrated – seamlessly, I might add – with GOOGLE Apps for business. In fact there are two Google apps for business that are been integrated. There is nothing that I can say that is negative with the paid support. George is correct, that support comes to assist quickly and always resolves the problems or provides a further understanding. If you are looking/wanting to experience great SUPPORT, pay for it and you will be satisfied.

Thanks for your input!

How long does it typically take for the bug-fix releases to be released officially?