How "Name" appears when others receive my email.

I have 4 email accounts on eM Client for my business. When I send an email to someone… the person that receives the email see’s the name “Kris Wesenhagen” rather than what I want them to see which is Kris@OutdoorBoxClub.

Another example- I send an email from my email account…  The person receiving the email see’s it from Kris Wesenhagen and not Support@OutdoorBoxClub.

How do I fix this?

Hi Kris,
the name for the account is set in Tools > Accounts in the General tab under User Information.
Just leave the Name text field blank and the email address will be used as the name by default.

Best regards,

Unfortunately, that did not work.

Strange, it worked for me just now.
Another solution that comes to mind is just simply using the email address itself as the ‘Name’, so just copy it in it.
Also check if you don’t have these addresses saved under the different name in your contacts or on your server.