How many license are required for multiple user accounts at one computer

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does every (family member) user account at a computer requires its one eM Client license or will one license per computer make the effort?

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you can use one eM Client license for all your accounts on one PC.


I just activate eM Client license on my computer. When I connected on another account on the same computer, it asked me to activate again. I cannot verify on license manager (not found the MPAPI in chrome) and have several PC licence.

Can you certify it will only use 1 licence ?

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Hi Filippo,
eM licenses are definitely per computer, the number of accounts on your device should not matter.
The licensing is accessible only through IE, because Microsoft Silverlight doesn’t support any other browsers.

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Can the one “free version” license allow all the different users of the one desktop computer to do there own email accounts or is there a limit of accounts/users on the one “free license” ???

That’s what I would like to know. Between my wife and myself we have 3 email addresses, all with one BT account, currently using Windows Live Mail. Will one free eM Client licence be sufficient?

Apparently, you can have 2 emails per account.  That is, if you have 2 and your wife has one, you should be OK, as long as they are on the same computer.  See the following conversation:…

At least that’s how I interpret it.  Can;t hurt to try.

Thanks, Jay. Sorry to be so long getting back (holidays etc!). When I switch on WLM at present our three email “addresses” each with their own inbox, sent items etc all appear on the same screen so switching between them is not an issue and we can read each others’ emails if we wish. Will that be the same in eM Client. Also, if we switch to eM client will the many existing folders with their stored emails transfer easily into it? 

Hello Stephen,

Our Free version of eM Client allows you using only two accounts. If you wish to use three accounts, please go to to purchase our PRO version with unlimited account configurations. After that, if you configure the same accounts on each profile, you will be both able to see the same emails.


Hi Russel
Thanks for your reply. Can you clarify “account”. Do you mean email address? If yes, then presumably my wife can open an account so between us we could have 4 addresses. Would we have to log in separately to get our emails or could 3 addresses appear in one window?Can existing folders be moved easily from WLM to eMail Client?Stephen

Hi Stephen,

Exactly, with account I mean the same thing as email address configured in eM Client. 

If you and your wife are gonna have two separate databases, then the emails from three different accounts can’t be displayed. If you would try having the same database, then you can’t use more than two accounts. So if you still wish to use three email accounts at the same time, I would recommend purchasing a PRO version at:

All folders and accounts can be imported into eM Client from WLM in Menu > File > Import.