How many licences do I need ?

I have a mac desktop, macbook and a pc, two users on each machine, then another windows machine in my factory.  

Until recently I’ve used Postbox, one licence allowed me to install on multiple machines (one person)

Real question is, do I need a licence for each person on each machine, or will one licence cover one person on multiple machines ?.

Just an eM Client 7 Pro user here. 

It appears to go by the number of licenses one purchases.  See here:

I suppose one would use a separate license for each user on the same computer, which makes sense because they would probably have their own Windows account.

I’m sure someone from Support will correct me if I’m wrong about this.  

This site can help you determine the cost of the number of licenses you need, and whether you want to pay more for unlimited upgrades.  I have that so that I get all upgrades, whether it be just to eM Client 7 Pro or to a new version, such as when they go to eM Client 8, for example.  See here:


For the macs no license is needed for now, since it’s at beta stage and free …

For more info about the Windows Pro versions contact

Thank you,

It’s the mac version I’m really interested in and as it’s in Beta and no licence required  at the moment it’s not an issue now.

When it’s time to pay for a licence for the mac version, I’ll ask again.

I’d assume that for one person I’d need one licence, eg the licence will work on both my desktop and my macbook.

Thanks for all your help


Just a little more info :

There is no forum for mac yet  -hence no help.
Issues can be reported to the adress listed on the mac download page
in case you missed that…


Thanks for the info,  the only issue I’m having is in setting up my icoud account, but I think that’s an iCloud two factor authentication issue.

Hi Paul,

As it was already answered here, for the current eM Client Mac Beta, you don’t need licence. When we release the full version, we’ll keep the current licensing policy. You’ll need a single licence for each device where you install eM Client. However, if there are more users on one device using eM Client, you just need one licence for this device.