How many copies of a mail message does using a distribution list create?

I’ve done some testing, and when I sent mail to a distribution list, it looks like at least one copy for each addressee is created, and they are all filed in the folder of one addressee.

I’d rather manually move a single file with the addresses listed, or have a special rule for distribution lists.

Hello Ali,
Distribution List itself only creates one message in your sent folder with numerous recipients. What you describe sounds like a mass mailing feature, but if you did not send the message as mass mail from eM Client then it must be a setting on your mail server.


I’ve never seen this behaviour before, so its something in em Client, not the mail server.  I have created a distribution list and I type the distribution list name into the “To” field, then compose and send the message as usual.  I am finding multiple copies of the messages.  All the copies of a given message go to a single addressee’s folder, but not all messages are going to the same addressee’s folder.

I would like to have a rule that sends all messages sent to the ‘contributors’ distribution list go to the ‘contributors’ folder.  But only one copy of each message.  Is this possible?

Hi Ali,
I see, are the copies created by any rules you have set up?
I am afraid that in that case this cant be solved, seeing as you cannot set up a rule for a Distribution list, it will always be parsed for each account separately.