How make your em client open faster and check email message load faster?

How make your em client open faster and check email message load faster I try defrag and everything I am using window 10?

Not sure if you can make the program load faster, although it usually loads for me in approx. 3 seconds - 5 seconds.

As far as the emails displaying faster, go to menu/tools/accounts and select the IMAP (assuming you are using an IMAP account) tab. Click on “Download messages for offline use”. By default, eM Client downloads only the headers and the actual message is downloaded each time you click on it. While this makes synchronization faster and uses less disk space, message loads are much slower. This setting will download the entire message at time of synchronization. Be aware, however, depending on number of emails and your Internet speed, the initial synchronization could take quite awhile.

Thank you for reply me back I am using window 10 it should go faster and my internet is pretty fast my internet speed is 25MBPS so its fast it show goes faster. Also has my e-mail to load faster when i click a message take a little while to load up and plus my e-mail is not IMAP its pop3 so its from centurylink but I do have IMAP has So if there is not a way to make it load faster on the program and e-mail then i just have to deal with it. Also if your free license key exspire can i get it again or get new key or when it exspire you cant get another free license key? Please reply me back

Thank you,
Christopher P. Moyes

I think I read in this forum that the license expiration on the free license has no meaning-- It is just for eM Client’s internal use, so no need to worry.

oh ok so when exspire I get new license or they just renew?

Don’t believe you have to do anything.

hmmmmmm oh ok thanks alot for your help Do you have free or pro? The program is pretty good so what do you think of it?  

I have the pro version, primarily because I use it for business and I have more than 2 email accounts.  The only feature difference between the 2 versions is the two email account limitation with the free version.  Also, with the pro version you get pro support, which guarantees a quicker response than the forum.

I am actually quite a fan of this product and I have tried them all.