How import contacts from Mail


is it possible to import contacts form Windows 10 MAIL?

jueves 22 octubre 2020 :: 2246hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Flakko

Export your contacts from Windows 10 Mail in VCF format.
In eMC do this:
Menu ->File ->Import ->Files ->Select Contacts as vCard (.vcf) ->Next ->Follow instructions

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As far as I know the Redmond boys disabled that function.

If the contacts are synced with, or some other online provider, you may be able to export them from their web interface. You can also add that same account to eM Client and they will show up in the Contacts section. You can them move/copy them to Local Folders or one of your other contact providers.

viernes 23 octubre 2020 :: 1139hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Gary

I checked back after seeing your post - the old computer I used to verify Windows Mail export was running Windows 8.1, it still worked then, and you are correct Redmond have now removed export.
However, it is still possible; you need to log into your Microsoft Account to export your contacts in the (which now needs to be as a CSV), and although First & Last Name are listed, choose NAME instead,
From the online; choose Manage ->Export Contacts to CSV.
You can then import as detailed before, except select CSV,

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Yes, the application changed over the years. When it was Windows Live Mail, eM Client could import the data directly, but then when it became Mail, all access to the data was removed by Microsoft. Now the contacts are stored in People which also can’t export contacts.

One option is to do it through the web interface, as you mentioned. Or adding the same online account to eM Client is another option. I guess it depends if you want to keep the data synced with a server or not.