How get email text to show in dark mode?

I use dark mode on all my applications. When I want to include text in an email that I’ve copied from Gemini AI (using their copy function) while in dark mode, to a blank email in eM client, the text is shown in black and hence is invisible. I have tried to format the text color to “no color” but that doesn’t do anything. It’s not just Gemini, it happens from other applications as well. What am I doing wrong that this is happening?

Using PC with Windows 11, latest eM Client version, Brave browser.

I am using the DARK theme in eMC (non-modified), latest eMC v9 version and Windows 10 without any issues. I did have the black on black issue with earlier eMC versions.

jueves 18 abril 2024 :: 1847hrs (UTC +0100)

Go to Menu ->Settings ->Mail ->Read
Make a screenshot of the section “Preferred Style” and post it here so that the settings you have are visible.


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