How emClient displays icon of the sender?

Hello everyone.

For some domains if i receive an email from domain a icon is displayed next to the email message.
I know about BIMI records that are getting more and more popular.
But not all domain has a BIMI record and i know about specific instances where i received a email from a domain and that domain did not implement a BIMI record.

I would like to know where and how does the emClient download an icon to be displayed next to a received email message?

I know that it is possible to set the image of a contact, but that is after i save the contact - thats not what i want. I would like to implement it for my domain so that when email messages from my domain are sent - it will also display an icon next to the message.

Thank you for any guidance!
It would help me a lot.

From what I can tell, eM Client uses Gravatar.

Set up an account at and upload the image you want to use. Job done!

Actually i found out by my own experience that all you need, is to place into HTML code of a website placed on the domain you are sending email from a favicon. Favicon.ico and wait for a couple of hours for cache to be flushed out and then it will work. However i would also like to know if eM client is looking for BIMI records?