How does one remove icons from before folder names & change the font & size of folder names in emClient?

Subject line is probably sufficient.

How does one remove icons before folder names

If you are referring to Account icons next to eg: Inbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk E-mail folders as per below screenshot, i believe they are hard coded and cannot be changed.


How do i change the size of the folder names

Click “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Lists” and select “Folder lists font”

Cyberzork, thanks for your response. Your input about fonts and the related pathway was very helpful. About the icons (which you correctly identified in your image file) however, I don’t think they are hard-wired. Yesterday when I was doing some housekeeping, I think I triggered a spurious command that introduced them into my setup. The result is a visually very crowded and compacted list arrangement that for me was visually new and unrecognizable. I do not remember being distracted by a folder icon when I was “alpha” searching for a particular folder, especially among the folders on my client. Thanks for your input on fonts and styles, and please let me know if you learn or come across anything about the prefacing icons. Best wishes. Pete Dep~