How does Local folders work really?

I created a Local Folders under eM Client and ‘moved’ some of my sent mails to that folder to free up some space on gmail. When I searched for one such sent mail, I can see it under both gmail-> All mail and the local-sent folders…what’s going on? I was hoping it will show under the local folders alone. Some help please.


the all mail folder is just that.  It will show all the emails under all boxes

I know how “All Mail” works in Gmail. Pls ready read my post content properly.
Let me rephrase. If the mails that i have “moved” to local folders still show up in my ‘Gmail web All Mails’, I guess local folders functionality not working properly in that case? Its not helping me save any space in my Gmail web, right?

that is correct.  Just because you move them to another folder and they Sync with the gmail account you are not saving space.  if you are using em client and you make folders in em client don’t have them sync with the gmail account.  that will save you space but, in an imap environment you don’t have a backup for the emails you want to save.  you could export the folders in a .eml format and erase them but you will not have ready contact with them without restoring them.

there maybe another way / gmail has an option to not leave copy on server which would download them to your PC or MAC and not leave a copy on the gmail server.  this would save you space

Thanks for the explanation…quoting your lines ‘if you are using em client and you make folders in em client don’t have them sync with the gmail account.  that will save you space…’…is there an option in em client to have my local folders not synced up with gmail a/c?

I don’t believe there is but you can log into your gmail account and go to settings and check it there or uncheck it there.  so what will happen there is that gmail will download your email and not leave a copy on the gmail server.  if you don’t unchecked it ,gmail will automatically leave a copy on the gmail server

Yeah I get that…but not really an ideal solution if you ask me…there might be a need to check my mails via gmail mobile app or in a machine absent my em client setup, in such cases i will witness zero mails :slight_smile: anyways thanks for your responses.

email programs are for general use they don’t fit every need

By default, when you move a gmail to local folders. it “archives” the message.  That is, it leaves it in the All Mail folder.  If you want the messages to be removed on Gmail when you archive locally in eM Client you need to go to Gmail settings (in your web client), Forwarding and POP/IMAP and change the option for “When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from last visible IMAP folder” to 'Immediately delete the message forever.

Thanks a lot Jay…so basically I need to do the below 2 settings in my Gmail web client to achieve this-
When I mark a message in IMAP as deleted: Auto-Expunge off - Wait for the client to update the server.
When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder: Immediately delete the message forever

Leave auto-expunge on unless you want the email to remain on the server until it is directed to expunge (I think that is when a sync occurs).  Leaving auto-expunge on immediately deletes the email when it is deleted in eM Client.

The second option must be selected.

Well…the second option is greyed out (can’t be selected) without marking auto-expunge off.

As I look at it I guess that makes sense.  Immediately deleting the message kind of renders auto-expunge moot.

Be gentle with me guys, I am a 70 yr old grandma and it is getting harder and harder to handle technology, but I am going to keep going as long as I can. I absolutely HATE Microsoft being so intrusive on my new laptop, so I am going to replace Outlook with this wonderful program.  Before I can do that, I have some questions. If I delete an email in eM Client, will it delete it off the server? I always clean out my email as soon as I get it and save anything I need to keep to my documents.  I don’t want anything staying on the server.  Will deleted emails be off the server?

This primarily depends on how the account is setup in eM Client.

There are two main ways to connect to your server; IMAP and POP3. Most accounts in eM Client will be setup as IMAP if you used the Automatic Setup, but you can check which you have by going to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Your account will either have an IMAP or POP3 tab.

IMAP means that the messages are stored on the server, and all eM Client does is display the server messages. Kinda like using webmail. If you delete the message in eM Client, it will be moved to the Trash folder on the server. Providers all have different ways to deal with the Trash folder. Gmail, for example, permanently deletes messages from the Trash folder after they have been there for 30 days.

The other option, POP3, means the messages are stored on your computer. The default settings are that the message is downloaded from the server, and is deleted from the server after 7 days. 

Thank you for the explanation–that helped a lot!  I am set up at IMAP.  Is there a configuration in eM Client to delete my emails from the server when they are deleted in eM Client?  I must say, I am impressed with this program so far.  The only thing holding me back for now is that my scroll bars are so tiny they are extremely difficult to use.  How sad if such a detail as that makes me reconsider being happy with the software.  Thank you for your time!

With IMAP there is no configuration necessary for that. Think of IMAP as a type of webmail. If you see it in eM Client it is on the server. If you don’t see it in eM Client, it is not on the server. So if you delete the message in eM Client, it is also deleted from the server. 

There are two options for the scrollbar issue:

  1. Change to a different theme. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes, and choose another one like Classic. It has wider scrollbars.

  2. You can edit the theme file and change the way the scrollbars are displayed. Maybe not for 70 year old grandmas though. :wink: If you really like the Modern Theme, I will send you a modified Modern Theme.

Another great explanation… I even managed to absorb some of it, LOL!  Thank you!