How does emclient determines an email has been replied/forwarded?

Hi there.
I have emclient setup with a gmail account. Whenever I reply or forward an e-mail from Mac’s OSX, emclient won’t show the reply/forward arrow.

I am pretty sure the problem is with and not with emclient. But understanding how emclient decides to show the reply/forward arrows would help me greatly in trying to understand/debug what the problem on the mac side is.

Does anyone know what piece of data does emclient uses to determine if an email has been forwarded or replied?

Thank you in advanced,


I’m not sure if I understand the problem.

If you’re replying or forwarding an email from a different mail application, the receiver’s application usually doesn’t show any indication of this,
it only shows the forwarded message or the previous conversation in the body of the email, or add “Re:” or “Fwd:” in the subject.
The indication if the message was replied to or if it was forwarded should be shown only in the application you’re using for forwarding/replying.

Or maybe I just simply don’t understand the issue…


Hi Paul,

My apologies for not being clear enough.

I access my gmail account from a windows PC with emClient, from my iPhone, from an iMac using and from a Mac Air using apple’s mail app. On top of this, I sometimes access the account directly via the browser.

Whenever I reply or forward to an e-mail from apple’s, emClient, Airmail and the iPhone do not show the reply/forward arrows letting me know that a particular e-mail has been replied to/forwarded.
Whenever I reply or forward to an e-mail from any other client (Airmail/emClient/iPhone/web client), the correct reply/forward arrows show in the rest of email clients.

Given that I am assuming that the problem is with Apple’s (which is plagued with many other issues when dealing with gMail), I wanted to know based on what info does emClient shows the reply/forward arrows, to see if I can find the root of the problem.

Hopefully this is clearer. If not, let me know, and thank you for the earlier reply!


there’s a standard IMAP flag “\Answered” and another de facto standard flag “$Forwarded” that are stored next to each message on the server and indicate whether the message was Answered/Forwarded. The client software has to explicitly support these flags and set them for individual messages. Perhaps Apple Mail doesn’t set these flags, which would be consistent with your observations.


thank you so much for the response.