How do you view your mail in conversations? I don't see an option and that's what I would like to do.

Don’t see anywhere to select a conversation view for email. Where is this located.

In Release 7 

Menu /  Tools /  Settings/  Mail/ Read/   Conversations
About half the way down
That parm turns it on or off

Hello Lori,

As Richard has described, you can turn this view on or off in the Settings table, you can also do that through Menu -> View -> Conversations.


ALSO You may have to also set that On your email Server as some do have that option. Gmail has that option in its settings  normally its set to on by default.

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the reply. Conversations are however only a method of viewing e-mails, they don’t have anything to do with the settings on the server. What you’re describing is the setting of webmail, it doesn’t influence the Cnversation view options in eM Client.