HOW do you view unread email?

This should be basic functionality that is easy to find. Answers I’m finding on the forum seem to be dated and no longer applicable.

Have you tried double-clicking the unread message?

I would have to FIND it first. Hence my question, which you clearly didn’t understand.

As it turns out, for anyone who might end up here searching for the same information, You have to sort by the completely unintuitive “Icon” and it puts unread messages at the top. Apparently it used to be called something useful, “unread” I think. Why it was changed to “icon” is anyone’s guess, but that’s how to get unread mail.

lunes 31 enero 2022 :: 0811hrs (UTC +01:00)

Your explanation of your issue is not clear, please explain exactly.

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I understood totally, based on the way you chose to ‘ask/explain’ it.

By default messages arrive in your Inbox in the order they are received. Unread messages are in bold and have an orange unread dot next to them.

There is also the Unread Favorites folder (1 below) which only lists unread messages.

If you want to sort your messages by read/unread, then you can change the sorting order.
In older versions this was by Icon because we had a proper unread email envelope icon. It has since been corrected and changed to Read Status (2 below).

Thanks. I don’t see an Unread folder anywhere, is there a setting that shows/hides that folder? That was the info I was looking for.

Also, looks like I need to update my version - I still have “Icon” as the sort term.

Turn this option ON